“harnessing the power of choral performance
to achieve personal well being”

The Angel Choir invites singers of all talents to come together to perform to revivify their spirits.

The Angel Choir also provides a platform for cancer patients, survivors, their families and friends and to anyone who would like to use music as a means of rehabilitating the body and mind.

The Angel Choir is unique in that we meet once monthly, usually the first Sunday of each month.  The Musical Director, Pamela Kuhn, develops different themes each month for the program, the music is handed out at the beginning of the rehearsal, we rehearse for 90 minutes and then after a short break perform what we have rehearsed.

It proves to all involved that you can use your voice and creativity towards a thriving and exciting performance!

The Angel Choir is for everyone!
There is no audition or sight singing skills required!
We believe that everyone has the right to create and the Angel Choir proves that we can all sing, no matter what level of talent.

Bring your voice and your enthusiasm and watch your talent grow!

Our upcoming events can be found on our Events page.