Mission Statement

THE ANGEL CHOIR invites everyone to find joy through making music together. The Angel Choir provides a unique experience that allows singers of all levels multiple opportunities to experience the thrill of performing in front of an audience. Each meeting consists of a two-hour rehearsal, in which singers prepare an entire program. Then, after a short break, they perform what was rehearsed. There is a different program each month, consisting of expertly-chosen, exciting arrangements of music in genres ranging from classical to jazz to gospel.

Director’s Statement


The Angel Choir is an open door for those who would like to use their voices and share their creative spirit to raise money for breast cancer research. It is a singing group that allows women and men to meet monthly to rehearse and perform in one evening. Most importantly, it is a haven and refuge for cancer patients and survivors, their family and friends and anyone who would like to join and use song as a means of healing and support.


I am an opera singer and a voice teacher. My life has been impacted by the reality of several close friends fighting for their lives with cancer. Over time they and other cancer patients have come to me for voice lessons as a means of rehabilitation in their fight for recovery. It is through this work that I have been inspired to build the Angel Choir — to extend a platform for all who join to experience the healing power of creating art while building alliances with cancer organizations, foundations, oncologists and hospitals to promote the rehabilitating qualities of musical performance. There is no audition required and no one will be turned away. The central theme for the group is “encouragement”.


It is a humbling experience to work with a cancer survivor to help them cope with the feeling of being invaded and to once again learn to embrace and trust their body. The act of singing is a visceral experience combining the power of the voice, mind, body and spirit. I am honored to be able to help these women and their families to revivify their spirits as they journey through the healing process.


– Pamela Kuhn